It all started with

and then

The original article in Business Standard by AK Bhattacharya.

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Then i had tweeted a bunch in the morning and left it at that and forgot about the same.

Then Soutik From BBC Came up with this Gem and a link to his BBC Article with a Headline – Is Gujarat Red Hot Economy a Myth? quoting the same Business Standard article.

The Original BBC Article is Below.

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As usual again the crowd went delierious now with even BBC quoting it.

That is when i said enough and put out a challenge of a lakh of rupees for anyone to prove the BS & BBC Numbers or retract and modify.

After the above then the first retraction and corrected article in Business Standard comes up.

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Followed by the BBC with a change in Head line – Gujarat IS a Red Hot Economy – Article below.

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All i say is, you may have liking or hatred towards Narendra Modi. Try the electoral route to defeat him or try proving that the numbers he quote are wrong with facts and please don’t peddle falsehoods as facts.

Also remember that every state’s growth is a growth for India as a whole. I donot know how folks can forget this simple fact. The reason the negative campaign was to be countered as remembered that a lie repeated N number of times becomes the truth.

P.S. Business Standard carried this correction in their news paper on Page 10 4th May Edition. Just putting it on record.